Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bye Neighbors

“Hi Neighbor”
June 24th and Beyond
The Community Relations Commission invites all Worthington residents to meet, greet, and visit with their neighbors during the sixth annual “Hi Neighbor” night, beginning at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 24th. This yearly event encourages residents to come outside and talk with their neighbors, reconnect with those they haven’t seen in a while and begin establishing relationships that build strong neighborhoods.

I love this. We went to Comfest tonight and accidentally forgot about Hi Neighbor...oh, well- hopefully the smiling folks of Worthington will not ostracize us. We don't officially live in our house yet. All this speak of friendly neighborhoods makes me start to think about leaving our current one. I often complain about living in Udistrict- for numerous reasons-gentrification not quick enough-blah blah blah- No matter! I am a firm believer in fate and all that jazz and I know we were destined to live in the formerly aubergine house on Clinton St. We were supposed to meet our dear neighbors.
A little lump rises in my throat when I think of moving in a couple of weeks. The W's have been kind and beautiful and leaving is sad. In our backyard is an apple tree that the W's bought our son for his first birthday- way back when we were both new parent families becoming friends and not just neighbors. That tree has survived two more birthday parties and I know that our friendship will survive a move north of the udistrict- but it is still sad to think that I will no longer walk across the gravel in my pajamas for some coffee or dash across the alley for a beer at midnight. We will also miss our gal Candi and her thoughtfulness three doors down, Megan and her lust for life next door, along with the kick ass New yorkers- Manny and Lisa. You have helped to create the place in which we lived.
You have been our first neighborhood as a family. Thank you for the memories Clinton Street.

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katekatenegotiate said...

we love you, amy, joe finn and blaise! we will miss you. but we will visit you in waaaaathington when you are there. especially since you have a kick ass house that will be playgroup appropriate and fun! plus, you're on the way to our family. we'll have to get organized and plan visits.