Saturday, June 16, 2007

Out Damn Carpet

OK. This was a hard day. I removed the ugliest carpet in America from my staircase and living room. It was so hard. I feel so lucky not to have manually labored for work these years. Here are some photos. Two questions?

Are painted stairs groovy?

If so, are red stairs cool as hell? (I am thinking of having red as my accent color in cream or white kitchen and the stairs are off kitchen.) Or white stairs and some Blik decals on risers?


katekatenegotiate said...

paint has to be painted. if you are redoing the floors, i'd also do the stairs. dark wood with white and a color on the wall with blik decals. yes!

Sharon said...

Damn girl, you weren't kidding about the carpet removal. Good job! It's nice to work so very hard and have some instant results and improvements, is it not. :)