Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Finn-you get what you need

I always get what I want. I feel so terrible that I told Finn he could choose the paint color for his new room and I ended up choosing what I liked. I thought it would be an educational trip to Sherman Williams. It was interesting. Finn gravitated to the pink/red/purple section and I fell into the turquoise/blue/grey one. I tried to explain how certain colors would be fun with items he already owns...Like blue with all the damn red of superman- or grey with barrage of buzz light year...It was a hard struggle and he clutched that paint swatch of crimson all the drive home. He told me as I bathed him that daddy was his most loved and favorite. In such a little mean voice.

Oh well.

Finn's room will be Sherman William BELIZE

and Blaise's room will be CLEAN GREEN

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