Thursday, September 6, 2007

Martha really is a bad ass

I know I should love indie crafters and hip young interior designers that rock...I do really( I met this one n L.A and he is v. cute) but I also heart Martha Stewart. Her minions can really spark my brain. I love this idea as I have lots of old postcards! Bad ass has a line at Michaels craft store and I was drooling over her halloween isle...I can't wait to have a kiddo halloween party next year!

I also have been interested in creating a wall for my house. A wall that will hide the ugliest kitchen in Ohio. Aforementioned kitchen will become laundry and pantry when we add on and I want the whole wall to be a giant chalkboard. I know this is not so cutting edge anymore ( I had one years ago!) but...I terribly miss my giant kitchen chalkboard as it was handy for recipes, notes, and lists. I also feel that Joe and I wrote more love notes via chalky than any other method :)

and then this is just weird...

Baby limb coat hooks?


SusieJ said...

I love that idea -- and the problem with me is, I'd overdo it. I'd find 5 postcards, and do it in 5 rooms. I need guidance.

blaineandmeryl said...

Yes, Martha's still got it. My personal favorite (can't find a picture to save my life of course) is collecting sand from all the beaches you go to and saving it in bottles. I know that's not the most innovative idea, but the way she did it and made it the total focal point of a room....very nice!


j.elliot said...

one starving musician came by and hung his hat on the coat hook and said: baby limbs? that's creepy.


pinkmydear said...

Check out this chalkboard wall idea-- custom colors! I have to do this.