Sunday, October 7, 2007

We had these cheap Ikea clocks

at our old house and we hung them up (sorta see in photo-mind the Christmas 05 dance party) and set the time for Ohio, England, India, Hong Kong, and Greece-all for places we have family or want to visit...INDIA!
People always said- "What are the clocks for?" Like duh. It was sorta obvious where we were going with this, but in usual encorelady fashion- we never quite carried it through to the desired end result. I think these plaques are going on my Xmas wish list and I might just do it again...only better.


SusieJ said...

I like the blue on the walls. Yummy. I have a friend who is from London, and lives here. She has the clocks with labels -- it makes it easier for her to know when it's OK to call her Mom.

Amy Turn Sharp said...

yeah- that is for my hubbie too- the brit. He likes to be aware :)
also- I used to live in Greece and sometimes I like to think about that time in my life...I loved my blue dining room. I miss it so much...