Friday, November 16, 2007

Design without reach

Dying and drooling over the holiday DWR catalogue. I want everything. Boo Hiss.
I will have more beautiful things soon. I can just feel it. I do have some very beautiful things now. I must remember this. I just sometime look about in the mess of rehab and think our house looks like early reclamabatodneotargetfartsandcrap period. That would be reclamation, baby, toddler, new target, arts and crafts...And all I really want is modern meets vintage meets Henry Miller.
But, we must treasure the things we have. Like tables. I would have no tables if it were not for Joe. I say build me this table and I smack my pointer down on a picture in a glossy mag and he obliges. Once he made us this simple mission coffee table out of pine that was in the garbage. That was 9 years My feet rest on it presently. It holds a lot of history. It is not my style now, but my history. I also have this small white round kitchen table that feels welcoming as we crowd around it and slurp soup or talk shop. Thank you for that circle of wood Joe. We will get the design we want someday...When the shell is done, we will gussy it up. It is going to be a great house...I know it.

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