Friday, November 9, 2007

light my fire

So the eyesore that is my fireplace will be sorted out this weekend. We are wishing for a simple dark wood mantle...something that just sleeks around the body of the fireplace. We are going to cover the brick...I think...We are not sure yet, but as usual Joe and I will work from spontaneity and fall to the floor late late at night satisfied.
I need this finished. Christmas is at our place and I need at least one room to look beautiful so you kinda forget that after you pee you have to walk down the stairs to wash yr hands in the kitchen sink. I want this room to be perfect and festive and unlike anything else in this house.

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EGE said...

Oh my gosh good luck! I remember the first year we moved in here I hoped to have our living room ready for Christmas. It wasn't. Or the next year, either. Year 3 we finally made it. Still haven't gotten around to updating the electrics, but at least it LOOKS pretty!