Monday, November 12, 2007

Slowly slowly...Here comes the mantle

The sun is shining and we are working and the world is good.
more more more
We will not finish today
but the mantle is looking good
the cruddy drywall is nearly mudded
the upper wall needs to be skimmed and coated with paint that will allow us to use it as our projection TV screen
the paint color needs to be decided
but no matter
the most exciting part was placing a letter inside the mantle
for the next owners
or someone in 2025 to find
This is the 2nd love note to a house we have left
At our old place we snuck a love note in the mantle too
that's what we do


catpatterson said...

Hi Amy & Joe,

Just wanted to let you know that a write-up about your projects has been written and included alongside your entry in the Remodel, Blog & Win online contest.

It can be viewed here:

Thank you for entering!


Amy Turn Sharp said...

thanks babe! :) Awesome!!!!I should tell people I entered this-huh? :)

EGE said...

I like the idea of leaving notes for people -- we left one in the bedroom wall. Or, actually, ON the bedroom wall, inside it, along with a can of beer. Which I hope never explodes.

What is this contest?

Terry said...

Too many photo's like that of my brother, getting to look more like his Dad in that pose LOL

Cheers T x

Terry said...
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