Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A word from Joe

Progress on mantle/fireplace.
We did not want to take the old brick down and waste time and money- so we covered the existing brick with drywall but left the protruding brick surround the fire. We wanted a simple mantle and to complement the simple mantle we used 1/4 round wood bead instead of the often used metal bead. (just like they used to do back in the day for plaster)
We went with English walnut stain, but it isn't dark enough so I will be looking for a darker solid stain. Amy will paint today and I will create the projector TV screen/art above the mantle. Amy has banished the 100 inch pull down screen from her new living room, so I will have make do with 60 inches of BBC. I will be creating a picture frame to match the mantle and insert a hard board painted with theatre paint from a site like this.
We will then hang a piece of art over this when projector is not in use.
New pics coming tonight for houseblogs.net and remodelingmyspce.com
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Billy Splatts! said...


Love the house!

Have you considered listing it in the Home Name Registry? It's neat!

Check it out at www.homenameregistry.com


Jennifer said...

What a great idea for the TV! It should turn out very nice.