Saturday, December 15, 2007

Welcome! Tuck yr coat and boots under yr armpits because there is no room in the closet

How does a coat closet get to this state? How can it be transformed before the family comes for xmas? Aside from tearing down the wall and adding double doors...What can I do to stop the madness? Encore readers...Aidez Moi?


pinkmydear said...

First of all, get a laundry basket or similar to put all those shoes in. Then, as you're putting all those shoes in the basket, take out the ones that you don't need and give 'em to Goodwill or something! That will solve a good bit of the problem. Also, they make stuff that hangs on the backs of doors (hooks, organizers, etc. that might help. We have a tiny closet too, so I feel your pain!

vincent said...

Well, what do you do if your whole house looks like that, besides starting a fire??? LOL!!! :) Especially my bedroom... It drives me nuts, some days I can barely find a pair of underwear... HELP!!!

Bigtooth said...

Places like Hold Everything and the Container Store have some good closet solutions. Or if you really have some cash to burn, I know some folks who actually hired someone to overhaul one of their closets. (It was a weird, scary closet in an old Victorian Village house, and they have too much money to spare.)