Sunday, January 13, 2008

Do it Danish style

Very productive morning. Thrift/craigslist-love it.
So, my question is HOW HARD IS IT to recover cushions like these?
I am so excited about these chairs...I want them to be for the living of course I want something red/orange/turquoise- something poppy pop pop pop!
Any suggestions? If I can barely sew..can I do this?
Any tips? Anyone out there do this? aidez moi?


Jen said...

Apartment Therapy has a post where they are making these pillows.
copy past link.

Amy Turn Sharp said...

thanks!!!!! :)

Bitterbetty said...

I did it but without the piping... took a half a day.
A 22 inch zipper(longest standard dress zipper) can close the back.

Looks really great. Good luck!

Marimekko fabric is on sale at the repro depo, If you are up for the splurge...

Jen said...

Sorry ...Paste not past.....I hate it when I don't read what I type.....

erika said...

I can hardly sew and I made new covers for my outdoor lounge chairs by simple sewing two squares together and then sewing the corners similar to how JC does the corners for her bags here-
That made for a super easy box pillow. Just start off by making a slip cover so if you mess it up, you can change it out easily.