Wednesday, January 23, 2008

an old pretty looker

My grandmother gave me this long before she should have given me anything old...I was still in college and living in ruins and with heathens- yet it survived. I think back to some of the things that I turned my nose up at and did not take care of that she gave me- wicked little girl I was...How would I know that many years later my tastes would refine and I would long for vintage things with life in them? How could I see the future?
I took this out of storage today and plan on cleaning it and finding a nook for it. I think it might have been my great grandmothers... I think I love it with all my heart.


Marilyn said...

Ooh...I think I love it, too. Find a good home for that treasure, stat!

Bitterbetty said...

so pretty.
I love stuff with history... Things that belonged to family are so great to have around you.