Wednesday, February 6, 2008

still turning it round and round/riser art

OK. So the stair riser are painted- v.v. light blue
retiring blue/Sherman Williams
I am going to paint the trim gloss white and then when walls get sorted out they will also be retiring blue.
I am so CRAZY about what to do.
I have ideas in my head...even ideas like taking Finn's art work and copying it and making stencils or poems or freehand art or hell, I am just afraid t wreck it.
I should just try right?
I really want to save money and not buy wall decals...I really want it to be amazing...
I need more ideas.


Jen said...

Jeanie placed some great stencil websites under the discussions tab.
They would be easy enough to improvise into your own pattern.

Jen said...

Sorry....House Blogs- Jeannie.

Moxie said...

A stencil sounds much better than decals. They will wear better, I think.

Wanderluster said...

Love the contrast of the light blue, dark treads, and the white trim. Using original artwork sounds great. You could frame it with a large mat to make it look like 'professional art'. Maybe a collection of pieces running up the stair wall?