Thursday, March 6, 2008

At first glance

Decor8 had some cool ideas and tips for entryways today. I need help with mine. I have yet to paint it or replace mini brass chandy. The only thing I did was drag my gramps old trunk for Sweden and pile crap on it and hang a painting. I want it to be a lovely whimsical opening to my home. Now it is not. Tips? When you open yr door...what is there?


Bitterbetty said...

I think it is a great entryway. I love the arches. I think you should paint it a great, intense color.. one that you wouldn't necessarily want in a room you do a ton of living in but one that you will want to wade through coming and going.

I would get rid of the trunk and replace it with "cubbies" to hide all the stuff that is going to accumulate no matter what you do.. Over the cubbies I would paint the wall with chalk board paint so you can write great inspirational messages for yourself andyour guest and change it at your whim.

I like the chandelier... paint it a contrasting color and switch out the bulbs for round ball white bulbs and it will look fresh and mod.

amy t sharp said...

You rock. These are great ideas! merci!

village mama said...

* your trunk seems to be the perfect place to sit and lace up shoes, so I vote for keeping.

* perhaps a few hooks, 4 at big people height, 4-6 at little people height on the bare wall between the closet and the wall where you have the painting

* I see your space wanting snow white, summer glare white, fresh, so when you come home you go, 'ah, we're back here, in our nest'

* instead of the large painting two parallel planks of wood, painted bright and fun, for piling books, keys, sunglasses, then above the planks two smallish paintings or two fave works by your boys