Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Linen Closet Door

It is that cheap door. That door made from light wood that almost feels like it would scratch you. I hate it. I am painting (finally) the upstairs this weekend and I want to paint it too. Do you think I have to take it off the hinges? Can I paint it some bright color and gloss? Will it bring it to another level? Change the knob and bring it to life? Whatcha think? The wall color is beigey...(Kilim Beige/Sherman Williams/Fundamentally Neutral) Red Door? Orange Door? What would Making it lovely do?


Jennifer said...

Hmmm... I vote for candy apple red and leaving the crystal knob! I think you will ahve to prime it first... since it's a closet, you can probalby get away with leaving it on it's hinges, but it might be easier to paint off (and doors are pretty easy to take on and off).

Or... paint the frame one color and the "slats" another... having trouble thinking of WHAT combination, but it could be cute!

by Johanna Brandvik said...

whatever you do, take a picture and post it!