Monday, March 10, 2008

wishes on a wall

Do you have an inspiration board?
My pal Jess was talking about building herself a cork wall soon. I only have this. It is a slab of some cheap particle board air nailed to the wall of the play room/ office. It is the chapter breakdown of my novel. I think I need a creativity board for all the projects here at the house and for myself. Any tips or advice? Yeah, I blurred out my novel stuff. You will so have to wait!


Jo said...

I say use color. I have boards in my house and my studio and they are painted colors that I love. And I always use fun pins and tacks and have images that inspire as long as images of my husband and kitties. The more personal the more inspiring.

village mama said...

I like your work space, except that I zoomed in, and, 'nada', you blurred it all out. Tsk tsk you sneaky fox(y lady)! How about just three or for consecutive words?!

My inspiration board evolves; its current 'focus/purpose' is my cookbook manuscript submission. Thus only 3 things on it: my library card # and password; the quote NEVER STOP EXPLORING; and a Napoleon Hill paragraph about 'persistence'.

Bitterbetty said...

yes but like my brain, it is a happy chaotic, messy place, lacking in focus and design.

by Johanna Brandvik said...

yeah. i could definitely use a board or two. or three. ;)

Hallie&Joe said...

Wow yours looks so organized - mine is all over the map - but it works for me. I have a huge magnet board that I made with magnetic paint. It matches the footprint of my desk (I'm a freelance writer and work at home).

Another cool idea is to do the Diana Vreeland - her office had a floor to ceiling cork board covered with fabric so it looked like a glamorous upholstered wall.

Good luckon the novel!