Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Remember, remember the fifth of November!

Guy Fawkes Party!

It is our idea to be the family that has the annual Guy Fawkes Party!

We used to do it at our old house and now two November the 5th's have almost passed in the new home and we have not gotten it together. I have major plans for next year though!

At our old pad we had a bonfire and food and a ritual of burning effigies that friends and neighbors would make. It was awesome and hysterical!
Do you know anyone who has a Bonfire Night Party in the states? Tell me about it? In UK?

My husband is British and loves this tradition!
Yahoo for bonfire night!

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modernemama said...

Baked potatoes in the bonfire, treacle toffee and homemade fudge; sparklers, roman candles and Catherine wheels; mittens, scarves and bobble hats.... and a huge "guy" made from old clothes stuffed with newspapers.