Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 and How you gonna gussy yr pad up?

I am so making some changes over here at Casa Crappy.
I am installing some decent blinds today.
I am praying for a miracle for the rest of the house.
I feel that itch in my butt though. I am hitting the vintage stores and thrifting way more this year. Last year I went through this stupid phase of thinking all of the good stuff had already been taken. That is such bull. Craiglist you vixen- here I come.


Amber said...

What a great photo. I just kept staring from up above to what was down below and back and forth again and again. I have got to get out more.
Can't wait to see before and after of all that you do. I am not great at vintage shopping so ideas are so helpful.

Erika said...

I've got some stuff to sell on craiglist if your