Saturday, June 2, 2007

bitchin round the kitchen!

This little ill fitted kitchen is now mine.Below is my old kitchen. I miss my old kitchen. I had slate floors, now I have stick-on tiles. I had corian, now I have some strange faux marble laminate. I had interesting large handmade cabinets, now I have little white paper thin wood boxes glued on walls. There are many many many things that must be fixed by my husband the master carpenter. I will have to be patient as he is in his own busy season-SharpTrimLTD is slamming and I am so happy as it is allowing me to quit my joband become a stay at home mum/decorator/sandwich maker/diaperchanger/business helper/bloggy blogger/happy woman. I know I want a gas range. I know I want a chalkboard wall again. What suggestions do you have for a family friendly kitchen? Ideas are so welcome. I want this kitchen to be artistic and fabulous and welcoming. I want to have martinis with friends in here- I wanna eat oatmeal cookies and make play dough masterpieces - I wanna create culinary bits and read Sunday papers in sunny nooks. I need ideas.

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Sharon said...

Two words-breakfast nook. :) A long bench with a flip-top lid for storage would be super cool along one side of a breakfast nook table. Just an idea.