Sunday, June 3, 2007

Street Confessional

I have to admit that I was overjoyed when I realized there was a starbucks at the end of my new street. My husband is a good person who frequents the German Village Fair Trade Coffee Shop. I suck directly from the vein of corporate homogenized America. I am a slave to these paper cups. I am a starbucker and I used to be the girl who would fight against Walmart infiltrating my beloved old hometown of Athens, Ohio. Shame. Shame. Starbucks is branded into my life-like Target and Sprint and all the things I do not truly need.

I will teach Finn and Blaise to rise early on Sundays

They can bring us starbucks in bed

They will learn cool words like venti and latte and macchiato

I love my new house



katekatenegotiate said...

as long as you don't start begging for spare change on south st. so that you can buy starbucks, i think it will be okay.

two options for guilt free starbucks neighboring:

1) if you spend $2 a day, that's $14 a week and $728 a year, which is a lot. ask friends and fam for starbucks gift cards for bday, xmas, mother's day. i think that asking for a $50 starbucks card instead of $50 in clothing is okay.

2) take a mug. they'll put your coffee in a mug. and if they don't, then steal one.

Terry said...

I have just been to that myself in the supermarket here Amy, with a cappaccino, the boy's had a lemon and lime drink with a cake each

Terry said...

Starbucks I mean