Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cheap Cheap feather yr nest

Want to gussy up your home in a fabulous way but don’t have the means to buy the pretty things you desire? Interior design of your home is a very personal and important part to enjoying the space around you. When decorating it is important to think of personal style, space, and budget. Do you adore shabby chic? Are you a comfort creature or a Zen minimalist? Do you like old world or mid-century modern? Would you rather spend money on investment pieces or blow the bank on funky home accessories? Try and study up on what you like from high-end interior design magazines such as Dwell and Vogue Living and from catalogues like Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel. Scour the shops and pages for inspiration to learn that just like fashion, you can get the look for less. Examine how rooms are staged and think about how your space size will determine how you can arrange your home. Design can be frustrating and fun, but it can change your life and the way you feel while at home. The most important thing is to have fun dreaming up your perfect space and learn to take the frugal path to find it. Whatever your wish here are some low cost options to having a space everyone will drool over during the upcoming holiday fetes and festivities.

Check out the Goodwill/thrift world!
Goodwill and Volunteers of America stores have amazing treasures underneath the heaps of crap. Take a Saturday afternoon and a friend’s SUV to these local gems. Some scores are Danish modern items, old wooden beds, vintage fabrics, and chandeliers.
Think about repurposing items and never underestimate the power of a scrub brush and a new coat of paint. Take a wish list and happy hunting!

Antique shops, second-hand stores, and the old school yard sale.
Unearth an old beauty in an antique store. Make sure you shop at a reputable store and be knowledgeable about what items you lust. Don’t expect to find an authentic Eames piece for 10 bucks and don’t pay too much for junk either!
Second hand shops like “One More Time etc” in Grandview have amazing deals and steals on gently used sofas, tables, and chairs.
And then there is the quintessential yard sale experience that might be the most thrilling of the hunt. Yard sales can be amazing if you are willing to drive around and search. The thrill of haggling over a few dollars can really be fun and satisfying when scoring a big-ticket item for your home. Most neighborhoods host their own yard sales in the spring and summer and the German Village yard sale is an amazing local one.

Never turn yr back on Target:

Many large chain stores like Target have expanded their lines and host designers who have made luxury affordable to the masses.
Ikea is another great option and Ohio is going to be graced with the glory next spring. Millions flock to Ikea for affordable designer inspired basics for home and with a trip to the superstore you are sure to find beautiful and affordable merchandise. Urban Outfitters is another option for funky designs on a decent budget. They have amazing wall décor and chic textiles. Be sure to check out the website for great clearance deals and furniture.

Places you might not have thought of for treasure!

Dumpster diving is cool. Check out local college calendars and score big when students leave town. Another old trick is to cruise the upscale neighborhoods on trash days; I once found a beautiful desk that someone was giving away to the trash man. Be creative and a bit of a trash renegade.

Oh blogosphere! Oh Internet!
The web can offer numerous outlets for home design such as blogs like decor8.blogspot.com, schmanchy.blogspot.com, curbly.com, and flickr.com to inspire and amaze. Craigslist.org is the place for super cheap furniture finds and free items. Ebay.com is a mecca for home goods, but watch the shipping fees attached to larger items. Try searching locally for large items and pick them up to save money.
Freecycle.org is another place to surf the web for free home wares and help pass along the idea of sustainability.


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I love this post. Decorating is important -- and we need to devote time to this-- and there are ways to do it on the cheap. Good decorating is good organization and that makes everyone function better. Well said.