Thursday, October 18, 2007

My neighbor cut my grass

It is pathetic- I will learn to use the lawn mower this weekend. I may even take a short video clip for yr amusement. I think my neighbor has cut it twice before. I have already used up the busy busy busy husband line....I am just a bit lazy. I mean, I guess it would be hard to mow the lawn with the kids underfoot- but I have to get it together. I heart my new neighbors and I don't want them to think I am outdoor challenged. Speaking of my neighbor, he rode his bike across the country. I think this is amazing. It came up in conversation at dinner at their home a couple weeks ago...just sprinkled amidst the conversation of travel and life. Across the USA! Nowadays, that would be a blog and a video montage diary. But, then (and not too long back- they are not old) it was just something he did for himself. Very authentic and cool. Merci neighbor.


SusieJ said...

I will tell you my theory about lawn mowing, and et al when I see you in person. Neighbor sounds cool -- does he know my husband? He did an Ironman in Idaho.

Brighten_the_corners said...

I hate mowing the grass. Hate it with a passion. I swear to myself the entire time I do it, which reminds me-I have to mow the damn lawn this weekend...

EGE said...

The upside -- perhaps the only upside -- of the fact that it did not rain here all summer long, is that we have not mown the lawn since the 4th of July.

And it doesn't need it.

Which is scary.

We're going to run the machine over it next weekend anyway, just so it doesn't go into the winter with any secret long parts. But it's really not necessary.

Which is really, really sad.