Tuesday, January 8, 2008

dormir jolie

These wooden bowls were 99 cents each at the thrift store
they are perfect for baubles and jewels
I wish I had 20 of them
I am trying to think about making our bedroom look more presentable
even though it will be renovated later this year
sleeping in chaos
is not good for my psyche
I will start with my little things
arrange them beautifully on the top of my dresser
I will add my grandpa's buttons somewhere
they will make me smile
yes small steps to making a space for sleeping
a space that doesn't make me wanna scream


katekatenegotiate said...

get a canvas and hotglue all the buttons to it, mosaic style. instant art.

EGE said...

Those bowls are stunnin'!

Amy Turn Sharp said...

thanks :)