Sunday, January 6, 2008

The List for 2008

new sinks, new tub, new tile, new floor, paint, remove small wall, gussy

Living Room
fireplace finished, trim finished, hang art,gussy

Play Room
Find vintage french doors and hang, fix walls, cover revolting ceiling tiles, trim, paint, built in shelving and bench, gussy

fing finish

Kitchen/Dining/our bedroom (two story addition) room
THIS IS A WHOLE BLOG ITSELF...We will show you the plans when we get them drawn up- major reno here...Alas..will not happen until the other house sells...

Wall off kitchen to create wall of chalkboard for kids- will serve as wall for 1/2 bath and pantry when addition comes...

Finn's Room
carpet up, bamboo down, closet work(making small door between the boys rooms via closet wall they share)

Blaise Room
bamboo down, closet

hallway up
bamboo down, paint, work on hideous hallway linen closet

Outside...cannot even allow my mind to wander there...I think this is enough to drive me to drink heavily in 2008

oh yeah, and about a million light fixtures to replace

Cross yr fingers and toes for us.

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