Thursday, January 31, 2008

A knife for the 3 year old

This is kinda about the house.
Finnian really wants a knife. A knife is sharp. I get scared. BUT...he is pretty handy with his spoon and fork. Even for a lefty.
So, I have been looking. I found these. Here
These are beautiful cool tools from the Wexner Center store in my town.
I will keep looking. I must be a snob bc I saw Gerber has a pack at target now. Nah, I don't want those. I want something substantial and groovy without plastic.
Any suggestions?


vincent said...

Are you left-handed, or Joe??? I didn't realize that Finn was... So is Sienna!!! I heard on a science program one evening that left handedness comes from someone being pregnant and one does not survive... That if they would have they would have been like "mirror" twins or whatever... That mad me sad, that we could have had two Siennas, so I choose not to believe this rubbish...

Amy Turn Sharp said...

Joe is a lefty!
Isn't Tyler?
I think it is a strange thing too- no explaination really

jeannie said...

Lefty Grace loves her red-handled butter knife from Pottery Barn Kids. I think it was a gift at one point. Not sharp as in "ouchy" sharp, but good enough for cutting butter pats for her toast :) They are called Taylor utensils, I think. Very good for kids and have held up extremely well in the dishwasher.


Amy Turn Sharp said...

thanks :)

Susana Molinolo said...

Sebastian's a lefty too (so's Village Dad), interesting indeed!

I can't stand baby/toddler plastic crap either.

We own Gunther Lambert utensils. The kids use the dessert spoons & dessert forks for meals. Our serie's knife is not 'too' sharp, we let him use them under strict supervision.

Bigtooth said...

When I was a kid, I had a pusher sort of like that Wexner Center one--different design, though, as it had been my dad's when he was a kid. Such a useful tool!