Friday, February 1, 2008

Home Depot sure won't have this bad boy!

We are buying a tub next week. I wish I had the cash for this gem I saw on
Beautiful. We had a large roundish tub at our last house- very modern and amazing. Oh yeah..this one is robin egg blue. Love it!
We will most likely get this type for the bath.


roseymum said...

I love the blue tub! I have a major thing for tubs (well, baths in general) and we don't have a good 'bathing' tub in our house right now, but we used to have an old, beautiful, claw-footed tub--it was heaven!

Terry said...

That's the first time I heard it called "Robin Egg Blue" as my brother will tell you, we call it "Duck Egg blue"
I have "Nigella's" pieces in that colour all over my kitchen.

Cheers T